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International Nonviolent Intervention

Civilian Peacekeeping / Unarmed Civilian Protection

2014 the BSV has started a campaign to promote Civilian Peacekeeping as an alterantive to military-based protection of civilians in war. Our work has been guided by the spearheading efforts of the INGO Nonviolent Peaceforce which we co-founded among many other international NGOs.


The BSV supports the campaign “Stop the Circle of Violence” in Turkey, and is member of the international working group on Turkey consisting of members of War Resisters’ International, Fellowship of Reconciliation Austria, Connection e.V: and the BSV.


The BSV supports a citizens’ rights organization in Belarus, Nash Dom (Our House).  Their (Bela-)Russian website can be reached here. They have an English website:

Nonviolent Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia

The BSV has been much enganged seeking to intervene nonviolently into the conflicts around the break-up of former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Besides offering nonviolence trainings to activists and helping to set up a fax and later email network it co-founded the international Balkan Peace Team.