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Federation of Social Defense

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we apologize: Our Homepage is not bilingual. However, we try to present as much content to you as possible in English. Below you can find current events and postings. In the menu to the right you can find basic information about our work in English.

Appeal: For Peace. For Human Rights. For Europe

2. Oktober 2023
2 February 2019. In the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May 2019, a broad alliance of 74 organisations and institutions from nine European countries is calling for the rescue …

Conference: “Nonviolent Resistance in Times of Repression: Strategies of Resistance and Forms of Support”

10. März 2022
The theme of the conference is civil, non-violent resistance movements. Their numbers have increased greatly in the last thirty years; however, their success rate has been declining for abou…

Appeal Regarding Ukraine

24. Februar 2022
Appeal to all sides We call on Russia to immediately cease all attacks and withdraw its troops from the borders with Ukraine. We call on the people of Luhansk/Lugansk and Donetsk/Donetsk to …

Paper: Qualification for Civilian Peacekeeping

4. Januar 2021
In October 2020, the BSV held a symposium on the question how to qualify people as Civilian Peacekeepers / accompaniers. In the symposium it became clear that work in civilian peacekeeping /…

Balkan Peace Team

23. Dezember 2020
The volunteer project Balkan Peace Team (BPT) was founded in 1993 by European nonviolence and anti-war activists in response to invitations by NGOs and individuals from Croatia and Kosovo. T…

Watch and read: Struggle for Human Rights: The Nonviolent Protest in Belarus

22. Dezember 2020
The situation in Belarus continues to deteriorate. The repression is massive, on some days over 1,000 protesters were arrested and mistreated in custody. Women are raped, activists disappear…

Civilian Peacekeeping /UCP

26. März 2019
We have a few publications on UCP in English language. You can find them listed below. Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping: Effectively Protecting Civilians Without Threat of Violence (…